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Worried about where your partner is? We provide two types of trackers namely M-Pro+ and Ms Bank. Just put it in your partner's vehicle or send it as a gift in the form of a power bank, you are ready to know the location, who he is chatting with, a picture of where he is, ready with recording evidence. 

A complete how-to-used video is provided, let's watch this video first!

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2 days, all revealed!

Mrs Joi have an instinct that her husband is hiding something. But what is it? After using @mastersecure device, everything has revealed. Let's hear from Mrs. Joi.

Shocking Truth

Mrs. Jess heard her husband calling another woman in his car. Ms. Husband plans to make Mrs. Jess angry so that she can go out to stay at homestay with the woman. What Mrs. Jess do when she finds out? Let's hear from Mrs. Jess

The Truth reveal

Mrs. Sue has suspicious of her husband for a long time. But when she asked about it, her husband would denied it, he did not admit in any way. But Mrs. Sue start to get proof through our device, what happen after that?? Let's hear from Mrs. Sue

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We heard that many husband changed after Ms Wife getting PROOF? Let's hear it

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Avoid these 7 things, Stop prolonging the problem.

Device MS


Latest device from Master Secure. Waterproof, durable, with long lasting battery. Stick in your beloved vehicle, ready to know his activities at all times.

MS Bank

MS Bank is a regular power bank that is specially modified with MS Device function. Used without noticing, ideal for long distance relationship monitoring.

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