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Macam bercinta semula

Baru beberapa minit guna device M-Pro, dapat lokasi cik Suami di bilik hotel bersama dengan seorang wanita. Jom dengar sendiri apa yang berlaku pada Puan Ema.

Mana ko tau bah!

Mrs. Jess heard her husband calling another woman in his car. Ms. Husband plans to make Mrs. Jess angry so that she can go out to stay at homestay with the woman. What Mrs. Jess do when she finds out? Let's hear from Mrs. Jess

2 minggu setel

I've been mentally suffering for this 3 years, in 2 weeks using this device, all suspicious in my mind are gone . What happened to Mrs. Fariza? Let's hear her story..

Rupanya mem"BELA"

Something is wrong with my husband, I can feel it. But what actually is happening behind my back? After using this device, what actually Nora get to know? Let's hear from Nora.

Kalini tertangkap!

This is not the first time Mr. Husband have someone else. They have known each other for up to 5 years, and the woman hopes to marry Mrs. Nur's Husband. "I was surprised to find out", but what was the right thing Mrs Nur do? Let's listen to Mrs. Nur's story, Hope you are the next to save your family.

Bukti kukuh, Suami terdiam

Mrs. Sue has suspicious of her husband for a long time. But when she asked about it, her husband would denied it, he did not admit in any way. But Mrs. Sue start to get proof through our device, what happen after that?? Let's hear from Mrs. Sue

Lama pendam, kalini akak kuat

"Its our 23rd marriage, I known my husband have an affair with someone else. Each time that I asked him about it, he keep on denying. But I know I have proof!" Lets hear from Mrs. Sally

Peluang kedua

Mrs. Sal's marriage almost ended up with divorce because of one woman. What happened after she got proof? Let hear from her..

Akhirnya tahu yang sebenar!

Mrs. Zainah is having communication problems with her husband. They start being honest to each other after knowing her husband's activities .. Let's listen to Mrs. Zainah's story

Angkara orang ketiga

As long as God gives me strength, I will fight to save my family. My husband change after meet that woman. He once a good person, he was a loving person and took good care of me and our children.

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