Products Master Secure August 31, 2021

Device Function

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Location Tracker

You can know your love one's location with full address of it!

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Voice Detector

You can listen: any conversation, calls, or video calls. All from your phone!

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Location Picture

Got picture of the location from Google maps, you can identified where they are!

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Journey Recorder

All your love one's activities will be recorded from the apps in your phone!

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Voice Recorder

Any conversation of your love one will be recorded, you can save and play it back anytime!

Device MS


Latest device from Master Secure. Waterproof, durable, with long lasting battery. Stick in your beloved vehicle, ready to know his activities at all times.

MS Bank

MS Bank is a regular power bank that is specially modified with MS Device function. Used without noticing, ideal for long distance relationship monitoring.

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